Car Tune Ups In San Antonio

A tune-up is the perfect time to check and replace any items that may have worn out over the course of your driving experience. A new oil change, spark plugs or even some rotation can do wonders for keeping your engine in good shape before it needs more major repairs down the road!

A periodic car maintenance appointment should be made annually (or sooner!) because these services help protect you from expensive damages such as broken belts by keeping them running smoothly at peak performance with low fuel consumption throughout its lifetime.

Mobile Mechanics of San Antonio offers car tune-ups and is available for your convenience. If you're looking for a car tune up in San Antonio, look no further!


Do You Have Car To Be Fixed?

Ignition System

Ignition systems are complicated and often overlooked in the tune-up process. The components that drive this system can cause more problems than any other part of your car engine, even though modern cars have had some replaced by computerized controllers or modules on newer models.

Spark Plugs

One of the most important components in your car that you can't see or feel is its spark plugs. These tiny metal heads produce sparks when they're hit with an eraser tip, which ignite fuel and cause combustion inside each cylinder; without them there would be no way for us to start our engines!

​This task should always come before timing belts replacement during tune ups because if those don’t work then it will just end up costing more money down the line - plus this maintenance step ensures reliable engine operation every time by replacing worn-out parts like platinum wires as needed.

Ignition Wires

If you have an old car, it's possible that some of the wires in your ignition system might be worn down. The most common problem with these is a disconnected connection between spark plugs and coils- this can cause cylinders not to fire at all! Wires are also wired for specific rotations depending on their placement relative one another; if they're crossed over then yours will run rough but still try Sparking out of time because engines don'​tt like to lose power.

Distributor Cap & Rotor (if applicable)

The distributor cap is in charge of making sure that each spark plug gets a good hit with the metal tip. This spinning arm rotates very quickly and makes contact on every revolution, but over time these points wear down until there's not enough energy when they're needed most- randomly firing or no fire at all! If you notice any strange behavior from your car during an engine tune up then change out both parts together so as not have mismatched contacts affecting performance.


Air filters are an essential component of your car's engine. They filter out any contaminants that may affect its performance, but when they're clogged up with dirt or dust it can have a severe impact on how smoothly the vehicle runs overall!

Air Filters

The dirty air filter can reduce MPG’s by up to 14% in carbureted engines, and also performance. More modern cars are likely to have fuel injected engines so the effect will not be as severe with those types of vehicles; however you would still notice a drop off in power due lower engine efficiency because there is less oxygen getting into each cylinder for combustion processes which causes inefficient burning patterns that produce wasted energy (less efficient).

Oil Filter

Oil filters keep your engine running smoothly and clean by catching any particles that may cause damage. A clogged oil filter can reduce performance, cause high pressure or even a breakdown in the piston ring area which will lead to an expensive repair job down the line if not addressed immediately! Change these as recommended on each specific automobile manufacture’s page so you don't have unnecessary headaches late downr the line.

PCV Valve

Over time, the positive crankcase valve can become clogged with carbon and this causes excessive oil usage by engine. It also results in an air-to-fuel ratio being richer than normal which could lead to poor performance or even a blowout at high speeds on those days when you least expect it!

Do You Have Car To Be Fixed?