Automotive AC Repair San Antonio

    Here are some factors which can drive a San Antonio mobile mechanic to do a fast automotive AC repair on just about any type of vehicle.A routine annual vehicle service will avoid most of these issues.

    An AC unit provides far more than comfort, including stopping windshields misting in some conditions.

    Why battle miserable conditions? A mobile mechanic will go through the air conditioning of your vehicle and test it’s working correctly.

    If the interior of your car isn’t cool enough for comfort, a San Antonio mobile mechanic will find out with thorough automotive AC repair and solve all your problems.

    Mobile Mechanics of San Antonio will come to you, so if you’re at home or in the workplace, you can feel more relaxed knowing that a mobile mechanic is a call to do your auto AC repair.

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    Reasons for Weak AC Airflow?

    Nothing is worse than finding out that you need to call Mobile Mechanics of San Antonio on a hot day. Instead of waiting until you need some major work, you need an automotive AC repair now.

    Reasons for lack of airflow are:

    • Mold or mildew amass in lingering moisture in the evaporator core
    • Loose blower hoses
    • Air ventilation fan is not turningcorrectly
    • Seals degrading or broken

    Automotive AC Repair Checklist for San Antonio Mobile Mechanic

    Whenever one of the mechanics arrives, they work thru a basic checklist to identify the automotive AC repair problem.

    • Total inspection of the control and AC blower
    • Detailed inspection of radiator coolant, working temperatures, hoses, pressure and thermostat
    • AC compressor belt inspection
    • Full inspection for seal leaks or other apparent damage
    • Checked the cooling system pressure
    • Checking your A/C system pressure matches the manufacturer’s requirements
    • Measuring indoor air temperatures

    An experienced mobile mechanic in San Antonio can run through his detailed checks quickly and very efficiently.

    Automotive AC Repair needed for No Cold Air in San Antonio

    An AC unit’s lack of cold air can bedistressing.Even with decent airflow, you’ll need a mobile mechanic to run through your machine if it doesn’t cool down.


    AC diagnostics from a professional AC repair technician will make your vehicle cool and welcoming in no time.


    Causes of AC Not Cooling:

    • Condenser/ Evaporator damaged or failed
    • Extension tubes/cooling hoses blocked
    • Faulty compressor or clutch issue
    • Faulty engine blower or engine resistor blower
    • Leakage because of failed O-rings, seals or hoses

    What People Say About Me

    “My car wasn’t cooling, and it was uncomfortable. Mobile Mechanics of San Antonio found a broken wire that controlled the cooling. Very prompt and highly recommended!”

    George Raff

    San Antonio

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