Radiator Repair San Antonio

    If your car overheats and you need to pull over, you may have a damaged portion of the radiator or cooling system.Check your engine, and you’ll know for sure if you see under your car a colored coolant puddle. The causes may be different, but with a pool, the signals are almost always the same.

    Irrespective of that, if you don’t get the issue seen to, you’re going to need thorough radiator repair from a mobile mechanic.

    The worst time to know that you have radiator repair when you drive around San Antonio.

    Mobile Mechanics of San Antonio have decades of experience in mobile radiator repair, and we’ll get you back on track quickly.In the shortest possible time, we’ll have a 24/7 mobile mechanic from San Antonio with you, no matter where or when you’re stuck.

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    Coolant Leaks in Radiator System

    Although radiators are positioned to have some protection, they can still be vulnerable tostones or flying debris.

    Besides this, you can find coolant leaks from corroded areas, split or worn hoses, and high temperatures for other reasons.

    Leaks are the primary reason for radiator repair issues,and you will see this from a leak under your car.

    With slow leaks, you can top up your system with water and make it to your destination; however, you will be stranded should all your coolant gush from your cooling system

    It is safer to contact Mobile Mechanics of San Antonioto dispatch a certified mobile mechanic after you spot yourleak.

    Typical areas for cooling system leaks are:

    • Split radiator hoses
    • Missing or leaking radiator caps
    • Cracked or blown head gasket
    • Water pump not working or worn

    Vehicle Overheating

    Inside your vehicle cabin, there is a small gauge to monitor engine temperatures. As your engine runs, this moves from cold up to the correct operating temperatures. If the needle rises to the red, you have an issue, and you will need radiator repair.

    Any of the above can contribute to you needing radiator repair. Once you experience such issues, contact us, and we can dispatch a San Antoniomobile mechanic.

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    “The gauge in my vehicle was stuck on cold. It’s not much of an issue, yet I found there was no warm air, so something was busted. Mobile Mechanics of San Antonio found the sensor was sticking and wouldn’t let water circulate.”


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